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Alabaster Co.

Alabaster Co. - Candles

Alabaster Co. - Candles

This soy wax candle is hand-poured in the USA in collaboration with Musee, a Mississippi-based company providing dignifying jobs to vulnerable, under-resourced individuals within the community. The vessel is made from an off-white ceramic. It also includes a box and pamphlet-insert with reflections on the theme of Peace, Hope and Strength.

Hope Candle: Includes bamboo, jasmine, floral notes, nature, and warmth to find joy amidst the present moment and delight in a brighter future—blossomed through a grounded trust in God.

Peace Candle: Brings together lavender and rosemary with scents of crisp freshness and green earth, opposites combined, to evoke the bringing together of all things—unity, rest, and ultimately God's peace.

Strength Candle: Has notes of sandalwood and bergamot, fragrances of sturdy wood and rich citrus to express the qualities of strength—resilience and a quiet assurance—rooted in the awareness as being divine-children of God.

 The weight is 10.5 oz with a 70-hour burn time. 


Note: For orders without flowers, items will be delivered by parcel which takes 3-5 working days. Additional charges applies if you required courier delivery please contact us directly before placing order. 

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For orders without flowers, gift item will be shipped within 5-7 working days. If you required courier delivery please contact us directly. Note additional charges applies. 


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